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Роль занятости девочек 15-17 лет в тяжелой атлетике

М.М.Альбашлави, В.И.Волчкова

Роль занятости девочек 15-17 лет в тяжелой атлетике

Аннотация. В статье рассматриваются значение силовой тренировки для физического развития молодежи. Автор также акцентрирует свое внимание на влияние силовых упражнений на физическое развитие девочек 15-17 лет. Отмечается, что упражнения с весами, а также нагрузки, которые соответствуют возможностям тела, благоприятно воздействуют на его формирование и повышают эффективность органов молодого тела.

Ключевые слова: тяжелая атлетика, возможности тела, задействованность девочек в возрасте 15-17.

Introduction. Among the various forms of directed use of physical training, designed to meet the interests of young people, weightlifting is becoming an increasingly popular.

A gym with weights occupies a special place in sport. People have been known since ancient times. They have long noticed that physical work with weights makes muscles stronger and joints - more mobile, the body - stamina. One of the oldest competitions are usually in weight lifting.

Weightlifting is a sport, health-enhancing and remedial treatment of many birth defects, body and development of physical abilities. In many countries, this sport was included in the compulsory program of physical development of youth. The purpose of the study is toidentify engagement of the girls aged 15-17 in weightlifting.

To meet the challenges of the study the following research methods are used: analysis of the scientific literature; a pedagogical experiment; the pedagogical supervision.

The results of the study and their discussion. Weight lifting is not only improving the quality of power and making the person harmonious. According to estimates of sociologists, wellness athleticism has involved more than 150 million people of the planet, including many children and adolescents.

Sport weightlifting is an indispensable means for charging the human body, necessary at this age of stress that causes chronic tension and a number of other diseases. Also it improves sleep and mood, increases efficiency.

Leading in the field of physical education specialists recognize that modern life makes fleeting nature of an existence style impossible for most people. In modern society, free time becomes a luxurynow, so the ability to enhance physical fitness made people have to take relatively little time and quickly produce results.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that in recent goals among qualified instructors in physical training there has been a trend away from the old and time-consuming physical exercises and training without weights. Instead, they have been generally accepted the use of barbells, dumbbells, exercise equipment and other projectiles, based on the principle of progressive resistance that is one of the most acceptable ways to reverse the physical decline of humanity. Physiology and sports physicians have come to the conclusion that in the task of development of muscle mass and strength training with weights very effectively meets the needs of most people in physical activity.

Exercises with weights, especially with significant weight or high voltage, doused specific biological effects on the body. According lissertaiioinym works by B.E. Podskotskogo (1963), V.M. Mikhnevich (1967), T.L. Enilenoy (1976), A.D. Ermakova (1974), A.S. Prilepina (1975), exercises with weights, the load that is adequate to the possibilities of the body, beneficial effect on the formation of the body, improve efficiency of organs and systems of the young body.

Data shows the inconsistency of the author's opinions about stunted growth due to the exercise with weights. A significant contribution to the expansion of knowledge in the field of age weight lifting we meet in the works by Podskotskeiy B.G. in 1963: he noted that the targeted nature of the exercise of the power to weight training has a positive effect on the functional state of the cardiovascular system of weightlifters of 15-16 years. It contributes to adaptation and the whole organism to physical stress. The author pointed out that the positive effect is obtained only when the training sessions with young weightlifters adolescence are built with an emphasis on all-round physical development. These findings were largely confirmed by the biomedical researchers conducted by R.E. Motylyanskoy, L.I. Stogova, F.A. Jordan, which clearly showed that training with weights in youth and adolescence not adversely affect the growth of the body and overall physical development [8, 9, 10, 11].

Sports training at a young age, especially in strength sports, require not only knowledge of the coach features of impact of stress on the functional status and physical development of the body, but also how this knowledge can be applied in the development of training techniques.

From the viewpoint of V.K. Petrova (All-Russian Research Institute of Physical Culture), on the basis of the available experimental data in school, programs since the 4th grade should be introduced at the section strength training with elements of athletic gymnastics, weightlifting and martial arts. One of its advantages is that the power.

Preparing lesson of motor density increases to as much as possible, especially if you hold it by the method of circuit training.
Unfortunately, in textbooks and school curricula on the subject "Physical training" they do not pay enough attention to wellness athleticism. After all, this kind of exercise is one of the most beneficial to children's health. It should also focus on personnel policy. The Institute of Physical Education students are future teachers' strength training at least for 30 hours. In this case, the female contingent to this section of the institute's programs for some reason is not involved, although among the schoolteachers of physical culture there are lot women. In addition, women's athletic gymnastics is an increasing interest in the country.

Conclusion. Thus, the importance of class weightlifting confirm a number of authors, but the work on the study of the female s body in the age of 15-17 years are not available. There should be done a lot of work solving the problem.


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